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Lesley Slack
Tehama, highly secure cloud-based virtual desktops: Solving the DaaS dilemma

Anyone who has ever set up a desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) system knows the..

Lesley Slack
Adoption of Digital Workflows – Is ‘Remote Working’ Here to Stay? Q&A with Ziad Lammam

Tehama partner Teradici is creator of PC over IP (PCoIP) remoting protocol..

Lesley Slack
Tehama Delivers Enhanced End User Computing Experience to Deploy Highly Secure Virtual Rooms and Desktops

Tehama Delivers Enhanced End User Computing Experience to Deploy Highly..

Pol Desmarais
Improving the Tehama user experience with new UI/UX updates

This blog post was written by Pol Desmarais, Lead UX Designer for Tehama. 

Chuck Thibert
Content security management in the entertainment industry | Tehama

Last year around this time, fans of the HBO series “Game of Thrones”, were..

Jaymes Davis
Your VPN is failing: Why old technology can't sustain today's remote workforce

In response to the urgent need for enterprises to rapidly scale a remote..

Lesley Slack
Tehama to receive R&D funding for its cloud-based virtual workspace

OTTAWA, Ontario – April 8, 2020 –Tehama, the fastest, easiest, most secure..

Julia Duffy
Transitioning to a Virtual Workplace

Like all organizations across the world, we at Tehama are facing an..

Lesley Slack
Tehama Welcomes Dave Kalil for a Gig at Virtual Town Hall Event

OTTAWA, ONTARIO – March 23, 2020 – As the coronavirus outbreak has shut down..

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