Accelerating and Securing IT Service Delivery

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Suppose an organization signs a contract with a third-party IT service provider or consultant to manage a project. Such an association is likely to result in the service provider taking either of the two steps—visiting the client’s office to access the resources to initiate the work or asking the client to ship the employees’ laptops to them. In either of the cases, numerous issues are bound to arise including slow delivery time.

Another major roadblock can be the possibility of the data getting compromised or lost, especially if the laptops are transported to the consultant. Enter Tehama, a highly secure and compliant Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery platform that makes delivery of such services seamless and convenient, taking all the security-related woes out of the equation. The company offers a complete set of capabilities that enable businesses to seamlessly manage, onboard, scale, secure, and audit all third-party vendor services.

Built on cloud technologies, Tehama’s SaaS-based platform is tuned for accelerating the time to IT service delivery and enabling organizations to monitor the activities carried out by the consultants or contractors accessing their corporate assets. “We had to make sure that everything these third-party service providers do when they are working on a company’s platform is highly secure and is timely audited,” explains Gene Villeneuve, Senior VP of the Tehama Business Unit. The Tehama platform also proves significant for the IT service vendors, enabling them to onboard customers in a secure manner. The company thus assures significant benefits to the customers—the buyers of IT services—and the service providers, with its two-sided platform. Tehama’s “ready-to-work” platform allows organizations to create a secure virtual perimeter (room) around workspaces in the cloud, in which third-party contractors can securely deliver their services. Administrators of these perimeters have the authority to grant access to contractors and assign virtual laptops or systems. “It is a secure software-defined perimeter controlled by organizations wherein companies can set up several virtual work environments for securely accessing different corporate assets. As clients may create more than one virtual environment, we enable them to perform network segregation and application isolation to restrict consultants from accessing environments and corporate networks to which they don’t have access,” says Villeneuve. Access can also be regulated through confidentiality policies which must be accepted by contractors before access is granted and work may begin. The platform tracks all the activities of individuals accessing the platform, thereby allowing organizations to view all actions performed by their service providers. Tehama also has privileged credential secret vaults that secure login credentials for corporate networked assets. These vaults allow clients to create a secret mechanism where usernames and passwords can be isolated to a particular virtual work environment and made available to third-party vendors, fully under the control of the administrator. As contractors are unable to directly access the secure administrative credentials, they are protected from tampering, eliminating the possibility of password theft.

With such a broad set of security and accessibility features as these, Tehama has helped a significant number of clients securely deliver several IT projects. Pythian is a global IT service provider and has benefited significantly by relying exclusively on the Tehama platform. Since Tehama’s inception, Pythian has relied on the company’s platform to deliver its services to their customers rather than asking customers to ship laptops. “Our partnership with Pythian has grown rapidly due to this highly secure platform and the speed with which we can accelerate and secure the delivery of our services to our clients,” states Villeneuve. Having spent merely two years in the market, Tehama has gained rapid traction in the US and has grown its footprint to include Ireland and Sydney. Going forward, the company plans to expand delivery centers in Montreal and Frankfurt. Further technical growth to the platform will include leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) technology to bolster its capabilities. 

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