Tehama’s App Vault: All the applications, none of the security issues

Danielle Morley

The majority of desktop workers require a number of applications in order to perform the tasks required by their job.  Depending on the type of worker and their common tasks, different groups of workers need access to different applications.  Those applications also need to be kept up-to-date. 

When provisioning new desktops or onboarding a large group of workers, a large number of desktops may need to be provisioned with the same tools. It would be a large amount of repetitive work for an administrator to manually provision the same applications for a large group of desktops.  This approach is not scalable.  If they instead ask workers to locate and install the required list of applications, this affects worker productivity, and it is difficult to tell if workers are actually installing the applications.  Tehama solves all of these challenges with the Tehama App Vault. 

Tehama App Vault: Truly secure DaaS application management

The App Vault is a centralized way for managers to ensure their users have all the tools they need to do their jobs. 

Administrators and managers can use App Vault to easily and securely incorporate new or updated applications to every desktop in a Tehama Room without compromising security measures. It requires no third-party tools or leveraging of custom images, and in many cases, users don’t even need to do anything to get new or updated apps installed on their desktops. 

Applications added or removed centrally by managers via Tehama’s User Interface, and applications become automatically available to desktop users through a mapped drive  There is no extra tooling required, and no internal IT requests needed to set up the drive to your network. This is managed entirely through Tehama’s web interface, and scoped to whichever Tehama Room you enable it in.

IT administrators can take things one step further through Tehama Desktop Intelligence and Automation (DIA), an add-on that helps secure, audit, and optimize endpoints through centralized management and visibility. Administrators can script automatic application installations – scripts can be fully customized to include triggers or target a specific operating system – which ensures apps get automatically installed on user desktops. These scripts can help establish an efficient, consistent way of setting up new desktops without custom images, while also keeping end-users productive on their devices. 

Because Tehama DIA also provides visibility into each desktop through a centralized dashboard, it also helps admins keep tabs on which apps are installed on which desktops (along with version information).

A final benefit, and one of Tehama’s core features, is the ability to monitor everything that occurs in a Tehama Room via session recordings and detailed audit login. This means administrators can monitor when and by who applications have been removed or added, providing a full audit trail of this history. 

Instructions for enabling and using the App Vault in either existing or new Tehama Rooms can be found here.

Visit our platform page to check out other Tehama features and capabilities.

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