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Gene Villeneuve
Weighing the costs and savings of remote work – Five key areas

Commercial real estate, computer hardware, catering, utilities, cleaning..

Gene Villeneuve
The Future of Work is Digital, Remote, and on the Cloud

A few weeks ago (May 29-30, 2019) Gartner held their inaugural Digital..

Gene Villeneuve
Building a Business Case for Services Supply Chain Security

As an IT or security expert, you already know that to leverage your global..

Gene Villeneuve
Why You Should Stop Shipping Laptops to Your Contractors

Every day, organizations sign agreements with IT service providers such as..

Gene Villeneuve
Tehama is Launching — And You're Invited

A new way of work is here! Tehama helps you de-risk your entire global..

Gene Villeneuve
23 NYCRR 500 - What the NYDFS Law Means for Financial Services Organizations

In recent times, cybersecurity threats have grown from periodic attacks to..

Gene Villeneuve
The Future of Work is Strategic IT Outsourcing

We talk a lot about the changing workforce here at Tehama. We recently came..

Gene Villeneuve
Join us for an exclusive event - September 12 in New York City

It’s been just 9 months since we onboarded our first customer. In that time,..

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