Better connectivity, performance, and UX with new Tehama Windows Desktops

Jaymes Davis

If your organization is looking to harness the power of secure virtual Windows Desktops in the cloud, your options just got a little better.

That’s because Tehama’s new Windows Desktops provide users with a range of expanded options and performance benefits supporting Windows Server 2019 with Desktop Experience. Organizations can use Tehama to rapidly deploy a highly secure fleet of centrally-managed, automatically patched and updated desktops across any region in the world with an internet connection within hours. 

Tehama’s new Windows (and Linux) desktops simplify the logistics of building and scaling a hybrid digital workforce. There’s no need to buy replacement machines, ship and receive laptops, or manually migrate to new operating systems. 

You can also easily run a range of workloads – from task workers with limited applications, to typical knowledge workers, to complex high-performance computing (HPC) workloads including distributed software development and media/entertainment production. 

New performance features and upgrades include:

  • One-click, lightning-fast provisioning: Launch a fully-functional desktop within one minute, with just one click, via a simple end-user interface

  • Full Client Login with Domain Credentials: Tehama Desktops can now be accessed with your Domain credentials with our new one-way Trust service in the Tehama Room without additional Firewall changes or additional infrastructure. 

  • Superior performance and image quality: Tehama desktops leverage Teradici PCoIP Ultra technology, delivering leading-edge security and performance (even for graphics-intensive applications) on par with using a high-powered physical workstation 

  • Manage key security settings with centralized room controls: Tehama’s Room Directory, zero-trust access controls, policy controls and dynamic firewall rules ensures your organization meets security and compliance requirements with no integration, infrastructure or additional IT administration

  • Improved UX: Tehama Windows desktops have better connection success rates (and can connect and be ready for action in one minute), along with faster page load times, and support Windows Server 2019

  • New App Vault: Tehama’s  App Vault allows administrators and managers to easily provide new or updated applications to every desktop in a room

  • Custom  images: Tehama Windows desktops allow admins to set up a single desktop with applications & configurations, promote this setup to a custom image, and easily use it as a template to instantly create identical desktops 

Tehama’s baked-in security and compliance tools – including segregated network access, endpoint isolation, multi-factor authentication, least privilege permissions, and a full audit trail – means you don’t need to stack several other solutions on top to achieve the same level of security and compliance.

Tehama’s Windows Desktops employ a usage-based pricing model, meaning organizations always pay a low flat monthly rate along with additional fees based on usage, including a price cap so desktops always have a predictable maximum cost.

For more information on Tehama Windows Desktops, contact us for a free customized demo

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