A blueprint for taking your call center virtual – practically instantly – with Tehama

Lesley Slack

When the Covid-19 pandemic forced the temporary shutdown of a large marketing company’s physical call center, it could have been a disaster. 

That’s because the on-premise Citrix environment at their physical contact center didn’t support remote work. The company simply wasn’t set up to get large numbers of employees working from home quickly. And because international supply chains were distressed or broken, ordering a few hundred laptops (and actually receiving them on time) was out of the question. Setting up a traditional desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) or large-scale VPN network was too expensive, insecure out of the box, and not able to meet their extremely tight deadlines.

Adding to this crucible of stress was pressure from clients – one of which had just launched a major product and marketing campaign and required previously agreed-to compliance, security and service standards to be fulfilled, regardless of the situation. 

Not a great situation, admittedly. But then the marketing company found Tehama, and everything started falling into place. 

Case study: How Tehama took a call center virtual

We outline how Tehama was able to use its SOC 2 Type II-compliant platform to solve the marketing company’s problem quickly, securely and compliantly in our latest case study. We detail how leveraging Tehama’s cloud infrastructure, virtual rooms and virtual desktops got the company’s call center agents online and working within hours, enabling them to meet the company’s SLA’s with clients and saving their relationship with an important client. The client also benefited from Tehama’s flexibility to quickly configure and run specific call center applications such as soft phones, CRM tools, and database connectors on any device. 

The client also netted several other important benefits after setting up on the Tehama platform, including:

  • No expensive CapEx purchases or professional services procurement were required to set up a fully compliant, secure and productive virtual call center
  • Because their experiment in virtual call centers has gone so well they’re now able to reduce or eliminate a significant chunk of leased commercial real estate, along with related costs like power, water and insurance
  • Access to a much larger multi-skilled, multilingual talent pool able to punch in from anywhere with an internet connection 

Read the full case study – or check out this use case data sheet – to learn more about how Tehama is the perfect solution for call centers who want a secure, compliant and productive way to quickly go virtual – either due to a global pandemic, or just because it makes good business sense.

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