Never Have Your Brand Associated with a Security Breach!

Chris Ault

And BAM! - another one bites the dust.

Another week, and yet another data breach affecting millions of people. Their personal data - names, phone numbers, email addresses, passport numbers, date of birth and arrival and departure information, credit card numbers and card expiration dates - their lives, at the peril of those who stole the information and those who will receive, process, and ultimately use that information for purposes I personally shudder to think about.

Dunkin Donuts BreachMarriott BreachQuora Breach

And what really gets my goat is that the root cause of these breaches is a break in the chain of custody of the privileged passwords - passwords which have been stolen or otherwise obtained from unsuspecting, innocent people who are just busy doing their jobs, then used for malicious intent. Affecting millions of people. 

Costing the target organizations millions of dollars. For each breach.

Passwords and credentials are a necessary evil for authorized access to IT systems containing sensitive information -- so the savvy CIO needs to place proper barriers and processes to ensure that these credentials cannot be shared, leaked, or otherwise obtained outside of the circle of trust.

Tehama has built a framework of trust - a framework which eliminates the possibility of breaks in this chain of custody of privileged passwords. Humans are the weakest link in protecting the enterprise from phishing and other malware attacks which are the leading cause to these breaches: theft of these privileged credentials.

This is what is. This is the world in which we live, eat, sleep, and breathe. This is what gets us up early in the morning. Tehama is passionately dedicated to preventing these security breaches. Tehama is dedicated to ensuring that you never have your brand associated with a security breach!

By leveraging a trust and control framework, the risk of credential theft can be completely removed. Digital security is a crucial part of any corporation’s bottom line, and security incidents quickly become disastrous for any business.


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