Making Compliance Easy — And Affordable

Chris Ault

When we’re talking about current trends in enterprise data security, there’s good news, and there’s bad news.

The good news is that credible organizations are finally getting past their naiveté around security. They don’t want to risk the kind of catastrophic data breach that will put them in this week’s headlines. Moreover, they’re no longer satisfied with anyone’s heartfelt promise of security. Today’s enterprise wants to see hard evidence of compliance with a recognized standard, be it SOC 2 Type II, GDPR or NYDFS 23 NYCRR 500.

And this, unfortunately, is where the bad news comes in. Compliance costs a lot of money. Complying with SOC 2 Type II, for example, isn’t just about identifying and fixing business process gaps. It also requires a dedicated compliance team, regular audits, and paying for an independent third party to produce bi-annual audits. The costs easily reach hundreds of thousands of dollars.

For large global enterprises, regulatory compliance is part of the cost of doing business. But, for smaller organizations, it’s a deal breaker. In an age when more and more business comes in the form of short-term engagements and small projects, there is no way for the average enterprise to recoup the cost of compliance. And without compliance, there is no longer any possibility of serving clients in government, financial services, or healthcare.

Fortunately, there’s a solution. With Tehama, compliance with SOC 2 Type II, GDPR and other rigorous standards becomes a non-issue. That’s because with Tehama, your evidence-based compliance is built right in.

Tehama is a complete SaaS-based work environment with secure perimeters and deep forensic auditing. With Tehama, you don’t have to worry about how you’ll maintain security compliance. Tehama features access-policy controls to ensure that any work done on the platform continues to conform to the requirements of the project. And it provides a permanent record of every event on the platform. Tehama saves you more than the cost of compliance; it also saves you the time needed to achieve it.

Regulatory compliance alone would be reason enough to use Tehama. But with us, security is just one of the benefits. Tehama brings an elegant simplicity to the management of the modern workflow. We provide clean end-user compute white rooms that give you total control over access to your mission-critical and data-sensitive applications. The firewalls, the storage, the infrastructure and the access policies are all provided for you in one place, and they are managed by you from one dashboard. Our contained and collaborative workspaces operate as a virtual extension of your secured business infrastructure in the cloud. 

Tehama simplifies the logistics of supervising a remote and contingent workforce, and it resolves the headaches around managing third-party vendors. Now, onboarding and scaling global teams takes minutes instead of months. In just minutes, you’ll be launching ready-to-work Tehama rooms where your teams can collaborate on Microsoft Windows or Linux virtual desktops. And Tehama’s flexible pricing model means you can scale your subscription affordably as your business expands.

It’s clear that the world’s standards for security will continue to evolve, and that they will become more stringent over time. For the average small- or medium-sized enterprise, those standards are already a barrier to lucrative opportunities because the cost of compliance is simply too high. But with Tehama, the cost of compliance is within reach. If you’ve been leaving money on the table, we want to give you a way to start earning it back.

To learn more about Tehama, download our white paper or request a free 45-day trial.

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