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Gene Villeneuve
Stop Shipping Laptops to Your Remote Workers & Contractors

According to Gartner research, one laptop is stolen every 53 seconds. And..

Jaymes Davis
Is Privileged Access Management part of your virtualization strategy?

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic shares a great deal in common with the tragic..

Tehama Team
IGEL and Tehama Broaden Support for Industry-Leading End User Computing Platforms

The integration of Tehama’s software client, powered by Teradici’s..

Danielle Morley
With the global shortage of laptops, the time to virtualize is now

Written by Danielle Morley, Senior Product Manager at Tehama. 

As millions..

Jaymes Davis
Combining Tehama’s secure virtual desktops with the raw power of Linux

There's no doubt many Linux users love what their systems can do – and for..

Lesley Slack
A blueprint for taking your call center virtual – practically instantly – with Tehama

When the Covid-19 pandemic forced the temporary shutdown of a large..

Gene Villeneuve
Weighing the costs and savings of remote work – Five key areas

Commercial real estate, computer hardware, catering, utilities, cleaning..

Lesley Slack
Tehama, highly secure cloud-based virtual desktops: Solving the DaaS dilemma

Anyone who has ever set up a desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) system knows the..

Lesley Slack
Adoption of Digital Workflows – Is ‘Remote Working’ Here to Stay? Q&A with Ziad Lammam

Tehama partner Teradici is creator of PC over IP (PCoIP) remoting protocol..

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