Q4 Product Release Notes

Chris Ault

Check out some of the new features, enhancements and updates we released in the past quarter:

  1. Gateway performance enhancements for increased bandwidth
  2. Enhanced networking options with Internet Connected Rooms and UDP
  3. New File Vault with increased performance
  4. Full support for Linux desktops
  5. Workspace additions and new configurations
  6. More ways to secure and control access (SAML, SCIM, more IAM)

Gateway performance improvements
A significant focus has been placed on performance and bottleneck measurements and improvements for the Tehama gateway. These changes allow for hundreds of concurrent requests to maintain top speeds with minimal latency. These updates improve the Gateway throughput to be 2.5x faster and can now also support bursts to speeds to up to 5x over previous levels.

Internet Connected Rooms
We have introduced a new Room type which operates without the need for a Tehama Gateway connected to a client network. This Room option may be used when there is no network to connect to and the entire project can be delivered through access to the public Internet. The rest of the Room capabilities (video recordings, audit trail, file & password vault, etc) are still supported. It is possible to convert Internet-Connected rooms to a Gateway-connected rooms when needed.

UDP in addition to TCP/IP
Desktop user can use services in Tehama Rooms which require UDP traffic when enabled by the firewall. Examples include Google Hangouts, Skype and other VoIP tools for audio conferencing and video streaming.

Linux GA 1.0 in us-east-1 region
Linux desktops are now fully available in us-east-1 region. They continue to be available in other regions on demand as beta release. Updates which are currently in-flight will have Linux available in all global regions in the coming weeks.

New File Vault
The File Vault UI and behavior has been unified with the web UI, Windows and Linux workspaces interfaces. This improves File Vault performance by 2.5x and adds support for large files (10GB+).

Workspace additions and new configurations

  • Web Client for Windows 10 workspaces. The same Web Client interface available to connect to Win 7 workspaces is now enabled for Win 10 workspaces.
  • New Windows desktop configurations have been added for greater options on compute resources and cost:
    • Personal. Selectable as a desktop configuration, Win 7 and 10, supporting 1 cpu core and 2GB memory.
    • High-Performance Computing (HPC). Selectable as a desktop configuration, Win 7 and 10, 4 cpu cores and 16 GB Memory.
    • Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). Selectable as a desktop configuration, Win 10 only, 8 cpu cores and 15 GB Memory along with 4GB of video memory.
  • New Workspaces URI options to simplify login flow for users. A launch desktop client button in the access desktop dialog has been added for simplified desktop access.

More ways to secure and control access

  • Improved SAML support. Expanded SAML support includes JIT authentication, specification of default rooms, roles definition and general attribute mapping through the Tehama.io web interface. This allows for simplified integration with existing IAM tools.
  • SCIM support. Building on top of SAML integrations, support for the SCIM protocol and tools has been added in Q3. When activated, notifications are sent from the SCIM provider to Tehama.io which eliminates a potential time window between changes in the SAML provider and when it is synchronized into Tehama, further enforcing Tehama.io’s dedication and support for user roles and permissions.
  • New IAM integrations. SAML with JIT Provisioning has been verified with Centrify and OKTA, and SAML/SCIM has been verified with OKTA.


Have feedback on any features you'd like to see? Let us know in the comments or in the Tehama.io community.

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