Tehama Announces Spin Out from Pythian

Lesley Slack

OTTAWA, ONTARIO –Tehama, the leading cloud-based SaaS platform for secure remote work, today announced its spin-out from Pythian. The move comes in response to a surge in demand for Tehama’s solution: secure and compliant virtual rooms, in which a global workforce, including freelancers and third-party service providers can be welcomed and become immediately productive. Tehama rooms contain virtual desktops and enable rapid onboarding, scaling, managing, and auditing of work, resulting in dramatically reduced third-party risks of data loss and non-compliance. 

Tehama launched in September 2018 as a business unit of Pythian, a global IT services company based in Ottawa. Today, Tehama’s secure SOC 2 Type II compliant SaaS platform supports 150 enterprises and a growing number of managed service providers (MSPs). With Tehama, global enterprises can onboard, manage, scale, secure, and audit employees, freelancers, and service providers through secure and auditable perimeters that act like airlocks for confidential data and intellectual property. 

In a statement, Paul Vallée, founder and CEO of Tehama remarked that digital enterprise has evolved to a place where Tehama’s offering is now widely recognized as necessary. “We’re now in a position to grow even faster as a separate entity from Pythian,” he said. Vallée points to changes in the global skills market and growing concern over cyber threats as the source of Tehama’s success. “More and more businesses are turning to freelancers, outsourcers, managed service providers and global talent markets for services and capabilities. That’s going to continue as demand for remote service delivery spikes over the next two decades. These businesses need a way to securely draw on the global workforce and stay in full regulatory compliance. That’s why we built Tehama.”

“The Tehama product is an important component of our advanced security posture and we look forward to continuing its use in the delivery of our services,” stated Keith Millar, President of Pythian. “We are pleased that Tehama is now a standalone entity and look forward to seeing it evolve over time while we focus exclusively on delivering services that help businesses translate data into better business outcomes.”

Tehama’s growing roster of clients includes Upwork, an online platform that matches freelancers with employers. 

“Upwork is changing the way businesses find, hire, and pay highly-skilled professionals,” said Mike Paylor, Upwork’s VP of Engineering and Product. “Upwork enables businesses to access talent, regardless of where the professional happens to be, in minutes. We chose Tehama to provide workspaces that meet our standards for privacy and security. Tehama delivers high-grade IP protection and 24/7 monitoring. It’s helping us stay competitive and agile in today’s increasingly contingent workplace.”

Paul Vallée is available for media interviews. To book an interview, please contact Lesley Slack at 613-818-6855 or slack@tehama.io


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