Tehama CEO stresses the urgent need for work from home technology during Coronavirus outbreaks

Lesley Slack

With the increase in reports of businesses around the world shutting down due to Coronavirus, and the threat of laptop shortages looming, work from home technology is more important than ever before. 

In a recent New York Times interview, and an article he wrote for The Globe and Mail, Tehama's CEO, Paul Vallée stresses the importance of having the right remote work technology tools in place to enable a remote workforce during the Coronavirus outbreaks.

In his New York Times article, reporter David Yaffe-Bellany writes "He (Paul) runs Tehama, a cloud-computing start-up that aims to make it easier for employees to work remotely. “I am not in any way excited about the virus,” he said. “But I’ve spent my whole life excited about the culture change that could happen when people start permitting internet-based work and internet-based labor.”

Vallée says demand had surged for his remote-workplace service since January, with triple the number of companies adopting it compared with a year ago.

As more customers have expressed interest in the service, Vallée has been preparing to send his own employees home in case the Coronavirus spreads to the company’s headquarters in Ottawa."

Vallée also recently contributed an article to the The Globe and Mail in which he stresses the importance of having a plan for Coronavirus. He also shares some of the work from home options that are currently helping businesses.

He writes "The good news is that the technology ecosystem is responding with a crop of new tools to instantaneously permit secure, compliant work-from-home deployments, including always-ready, secure work environments in the cloud.

According to research and advisory company Gartner, these environments can “minimize the impact of business disruption or disaster by delivering services in a flexible manner, independent of physical work space.”

They come hardwired with advanced security, auditing and compliance features such as automated encryption, multifactor authentication, endpoint isolation, perfectly witnessed records and built-in compliance controls, all easily configured for privileged system and data access. IT teams can then spin up secure virtual offices for remote workers in a matter of minutes, instead of weeks or even months, getting end users back to work quickly even when organizations are at their most vulnerable.

These are just a few possible tools for businesses to consider when building a robust pandemic plan.

Because all employees should demand readiness from their employers. And employers owe it to their teams, customers and shareholders to rise to the challenge and be ready.

Tehama is a work from home technology that can enable a remote workforce in minutes when you need it.  Contact us today to learn more or request a free 45-day trial

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