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At Tehama, we’re gearing up for IGEL’s DISRUPT UNITE event on February 25. No doubt that the day will be full of unique content, powerful stories and lessons learned from businesses transforming their end-user computing strategies. We’re also taking advantage of this moment to share some exciting news for hybrid and remote workforces that are looking for a powerful solution that provides employees with a modern and secure remote workspace experience. Tehama and IGEL have been partnering together to bring businesses a secure, scalable and simple solution that completely replaces the need for a company to purchase and send laptops to their employees. Absolutely any desktop can become a secure endpoint using Tehama’s Enterprise Desktop-as-a-Service solution, combined with IGEL’s UD Pocket.

Today we are announcing a new rapid deployment capability called the Tehama Fast Pass, which will allow you to get IGEL infrastructure up and running quickly on your endpoints, and connect you to Tehama virtual rooms and desktops in MINUTES. The Fast Pass integration with IGEL will provide significant savings in time and cost, eliminating the need to build a separate solution to integrate these two powerful capabilities.

Four important things to know about this announcement

1. What is Tehama Enterprise DaaS?

Tehama’s Desktop as a Service platform creates secure virtual rooms and desktops on the cloud that connect remote workers to mission-critical and data-sensitive systems using an encrypted Tehama gateway. What makes our solution truly unique compared to other legacy VDI and DaaS solutions is that a Tehama Room includes a number of security controls and capabilities required to quickly onboard, manage, scale, secure, and audit a global workforce. Tehama’s SaaS model also reduces the hard and soft costs associated with hardware, maintenance, upgrades and additional tooling needed to manage overly complex IT infrastructure. 

2. What is an IGEL UD Pocket?

The UD Pocket is a USB key that turns any device into a highly secure IGEL OS-Powered endpoint. IGEL OS provides simple and secure access to Tehama’s DaaS environment and is self-contained from the underlying operating systems. The result is faster logins, better performance, and an enhanced user experience. With the recent addition of Tehama Fast Pass, access to Tehama’s virtual desktops can be provisioned in minutes.  

3. Is there a way to test-drive this solution?

Absolutely. When you enter into a Proof of Concept with Tehama and IGEL, we will provide you with a certain number of IGEL UD Pockets with Fast Pass integration to test and evaluate. This evaluation period makes the adoption of cloud-based workspaces easy for IT teams, and seamless for your end-users. 

4. Why is this announcement particularly important for IGEL DISRUPT attendees?

At Disneyland, you need a Fast Pass to get on all the rides quickly. And at IGEL DISRUPT, the Tehama Fast Pass is your ticket to enjoy the rides at the event. Get the most value out of the IGEL DISRUPT event by having a usable system to demonstrate to your executives the value of desktop virtualization and start planning your migration to cloud-based desktops. 

You can register for IGEL’s year-round event program and get access to the DISRUPT UNITE event on February 25, 2021. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Tehama and IGEL’s solution, we’d love to answer any of your questions. Fill out a short form on our Book a Demo page and our team will reach out to discuss next steps. 

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