Tehama Welcomes Dave Kalil for a Gig at Virtual Town Hall Event

Lesley Slack

OTTAWA, ONTARIO – March 23, 2020 – As the coronavirus outbreak has shut down vast swaths of  Canada’s “gig economy,” it has hit many workers hard— especially musicians.  

From top to bottom, the music industry is being financially devastated by the pandemic. In this digital age, when so much recorded music is available for free, live performance has become the most lucrative - and often only - revenue stream for touring and local artists everywhere. Our new “social distancing” era brought a halt to the live music industry, overnight. It’s not only high-profile festivals being canceled, like South by Southwest and Glastonbury (the list goes on and on), it’s every show, every gig, every bar, every concert and every genre of music from punk to classical to honkytonk—all: canceled, closed, dark and empty. 

This stark reality creates both urgent need and opportunity for local businesses to try to make a difference by hiring the creatives who occupy the gig economy space, and to innovate our new “relationships” of the future. 

A natural fit, Ottawa-based Tehama is already deeply attuned to the demands of social distancing, and working from home in particular, as its cloud-based SaaS service provides the fastest, easiest, most secure way to enable a virtual workforce. So, Tehama executives were eager to help.

“I reached out to Tehama to ask for their support in helping musicians by committing to paid virtual gigs,” said Susan Odle, CEO, Ochi Music. “They said ‘yes’ right away and went further by hiring one of Canada’s most admired musicians for the Tehama town hall. It was fantastic to see such a quick response and commitment to helping a community in need.”

Tehama’s Virtual Town Hall for employees (via videoconference) on March 25th will feature a live virtual concert with Dave Kalil, a well-known local artist a.k.a. “Ottawa’s Piano Man.” The initiative will support local musicians and inspire and motivate employees as we move through this strange period of dislocation and disruption.

“Live music brings us together. It always has and it always will,” said Erin Benjamin, President & CEO, Canadian Live Music Association. “It’s incredible to see leadership emerging from Canada’s private sector and companies like Tehama and Ochi Music—connecting incredible artists and musicians directly with employees and staff while we are all working from home. We need this—now more than ever. Thank you, Tehama and Ochi Music. This is community building at its best.”  

“Who doesn’t love music?” said Rob White, CFO, Tehama. “So many members of our team at Tehama, including me, are huge fans and supporters of the arts in general, the music industry in particular, and local artists especially."

“It’s critical for businesses to connect with their communities at this time,” he added, “and to find creative ways to support local industries that are struggling. We’re so glad that Susan reached out to us. It’s a win-win—the musician gets paid and we get inspired. Now we’re looking for more ways to support more local musicians and others, and we are calling on other tech leaders and business owners to do the same.”

About Tehama

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