Today’s CPOs need to be fast and agile to successfully onboard their digital vendors

Jeremy Cochrane

According to the Gartner Research Group, the single biggest challenge CPOs (Chief Procurement Officer) face today is the prolonged time it takes to securely onboard outside organizations and vendors into their information systems & business applications. Onboarding a new vendor can take anywhere between 6-9 months. These wait times are unacceptable and concerning to the CEO as it damages the brand.

Tehama’s SOC II Type 2 SaaS Services Delivery Platform is designed for procurement professional to onboard, track and manage vendor and 3rd party relations. Tehama removes the risk, delays and costs associated with shipping out laptops, building jump boxes or installing VPN clients.


timeline diagram



Secure Tehama Rooms are created in real-time with virtualized Windows & Linux desktops designed to get work done fast. These Rooms can have preset compliance regulations ensuring your organization is working the way it needs to. Leverage your existing MFA and AIM technologies to get quick approval from IT Security teams.

Passwords, secrets and sensitive documents are stored in encrypted vaults and can only be accessed with authorized credentials. All work is fully witnessed and recorded, giving you deep forensic auditing capabilities. All sessions can be exported into popular log management solutions like Splunk and QRadar. 

Find out today how Tehama can quickly revamp your digital vendor management strategies. 


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