Tough new data-privacy laws are coming — and we have your solution 

Gene Villeneuve

Last week, the Canadian federal government made it clear: Much tougher legislation regarding data privacy is on its way. If passed, the proposed law will force organizations to be more transparent about their collection and use of personal data. The law will also create new rules for consent, data portability, anonymization and the destruction of personal information. And to show the government means business, the law will impose fines of up to $25 million for non-compliance — the largest penalty for privacy violations anywhere in the G7.

As ambitious as the new legislation appears, it does nothing more than allow Canada to catch up with the stringent privacy rules that already apply elsewhere in the world. To understand the urgency of the new law, one need look no further than the collapse of Google’s Sidewalk Labs project in Toronto this past May. Delivering on the promise of a smart, responsive city would have required the 12-acre zone to be “literally built to collect data about its residents and visitors.” Questions about data governance, access, storage and disposal were never fully answered, and the lack of transparency eventually soured the public’s trust in the project.

When it comes to people’s information, the overdue day of reckoning is finally here. Every modern industry on the planet now collects, stores, analyzes and shares personal data as part of its business model. And around the world, laws are changing to give individuals a better understanding of that process, and a greater ability to limit or stop it.

Since tough new laws and penalties are inevitable, organizations would be well advised to start planning their response. Fortunately, a new collaboration between Tehama and Bitnobi offers an answer.

You might already be familiar with Tehama, the enterprise DaaS platform that secures your data across your entire remote workforce. Bitnobi adds to the security of Tehama through a privacy protected, data sharing platform that secures raw data, sending only segments of authorized data to the end user.

The partnership between Tehama and Bitnobi can help you build a Data Trust solution that secures your data, and allows you to adhere with tomorrow’s privacy laws today.

While the anticipated law might appear daunting on its face, it actually levels the playing field for new ideas and their creators. Benjamin Bergen of the Council of Canadian Innovators welcomes the change: “Privacy protections and industry growth are not at odds, and clearer rules will give Canadian businesses confidence as they plan and grow.”

Additionally, the recent third-party data access standard defined by the CIO Strategy Council also helps define best practises to adhere to this new law.

A new age of data privacy is coming. Find out how the Tehama and Bitnobi partnership can help your business get ready for a changing legal environment. 

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