Tehama UX updates: Better connectivity, improved visibility, faster load times

Pol Desmarais

Staff members, managers, and executives may each have different roles within Tehama, but we all have at least one thing in common: An expectation of being able to access our virtual desktops quickly and reliably. 

Actually, make that two things in common: We’re also always thinking of ways to make our product better. Over the last couple of months, we’ve focused these thoughts specifically on improving the user experience (UX) around accessing Tehama’s virtual Rooms and desktops, and the ability to gain insights from those virtual machines. 

Connect to your virtual desktop in one minute flat

It’s no secret that the majority of our end users use Tehama to access a virtual desktop, and that they’re often on some kind of deadline or sprint. So it’s important we continue developing the experience around that use case – specifically, the reliability of connecting to a desktop in the first place.

We’ve added a few new features and performance improvements in this regard.

First, to minimize the risk of a desktop failing to launch, we divided the desktop connection process into two parts: 1) The loading of the desktop; and 2) the client launch. By separating these two actions, we not only improved performance and desktop launch success rates, but also gained the ability to convey appropriate error messages depending on the context.

Following this decoupling, users launching a Tehama desktop via our proprietary client are on their desktops and ready to work in under a minute!

We also added a progress bar and messaging system throughout the connection process, to give users a better sense of orientation and progression when booting up Tehama.

Page load times (including a 92% faster Activity Stream!)

Tehama is growing incredibly quickly. And as the number of people leveraging Tehama expands, so too has the amount of data we’re processing within the tool. This has resulted in some performance issues while users navigate from page to page. 

To solve this issue we tuned our database performance by improving our endpoints and queries, achieving significantly better load times for Desktops, Rooms, Members, and Reports pages. 

Tehama’s Activity Stream, an admin tool that provides visibility into everything that has taken place regarding your organization (including its Rooms) since its creation, also benefited through a 92 percent improvement in load times.

Better visibility into desktop usage

Many customers have asked for improved visibility into desktop usage within Tehama. They want to be able to better understand the success of their onboarding measures, and identify desktops that could be removed due to inactivity to optimize costs. 

To this end, Tehama added an additional reporting function in the Reports section listing all an organization’s desktops and their activity (or inactivity, in some cases). Organizations can also probe other metrics and insights into the desktops they’ve created, including the number of sessions, average session duration, total hours logged, and the desktop’s most recent login.

Enhancements were also made to the Desktop Sessions by Organization report, which now displays a breakdown of desktop types per room, along with a list of any desktops that haven’t been accessed in more than two weeks. 

Product improvement is a collaborative effort

The product updates listed above are just a sample of the many enhancements we’ve made to the Tehama user experience in the past couple of months. 

Our goal at Tehama is to provide the best possible experience, always. Please reach out anytime and we’ll discuss your use case and how we might improve your user experience.

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