Webinar: Create Secure Perimeters for Workspaces in the Cloud

Lauren McCrea

Cloud-based workspaces are nothing new, and are a valuable asset to most IT strategies. Today’s environment of interconnected technologies and growing threats means the digital workspace has evolved to be more unified, agile, device-friendly. But workspaces themselves are not equipped to handle today’s complex security and compliance requirements (that is, without adding a bunch of additional technologies to them).

It’s a complicated, cumbersome, and risky endeavour to stitch together technologies which ensure that the right individuals have proper access to workspaces, and that the workspaces have access to the proper corporate applications. A workspace alone is … just an OS, not a fully-functional and secured IT service and development vehicle.

Enterprises that need faster agility and are struggling to comply with IT security regulations will want to watch the 30 min webinar recording by the Tehama.io team “Create Secure Perimeters for Workspaces in the Cloud”. Learn how to consolidate your business and technology needs into one strategic and holistic platform.

Watch the webinar recording here.

Create Secure Perimeters  for workspaces in the cloud


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