In an increasingly competitive and noisy business landscape, MSPs need to stand out – and not just for the expertise of their IT consultants. MSPs need a secure, reliable, scalable way to deliver remote IT services without the severe drawbacks of traditional tools such as VPN, traditional DaaS, or traditional VDI. Security, compliance, and time-to-productivity issues are very much on every customer’s mind, and the MSPs that come out on top in today’s marketplace will be those that deliver on those issues. 

Download Tehama's eBook on Next-generation Desktop as a Service (DaaS) for Managed Services Providers to learn about:

  • Key remote access challenges and best practices when using third-party vendors
  • Points of failure on technology options like VDI, DaaS and VPN
  • How to stay ahead of the game with next generation DaaS solutions 
  • Case studies - MSP’s using Tehama

Who should read it:

  • IT leadership and managers
  • MSP’s interested in adopting next gen virtual desktop solutions
  • Those who use MSP’s to connect to their business critical infrastructure