The coronavirus pandemic has made the future uncertain for many organizations, especially in terms of their commercial lease. Call centers, in particular, live in real-time and have zero margin for error when it comes to business disruptions. Previously agreed-upon service and compliance standards must always be met –even while call centers confront a new normal of expanded remote work, disrupted IT hardware supply chains, and physically distanced workspaces.

Download Tehama's eBook on How to Optimize Your Call Center Workforce for a Hybrid World to learn about:

  • How to manage access to confidential data to keep call center staff and customers safe
  • Optimizing real estate and other costs
  • How call centers can achieve a stable and rapid connection to deliver a high-quality experience for both customers and call center staff
  • Enabling global workforces to instantly work from home with an all-in-one Desktop as a Service (DaaS) platform

Who should read it:

  • Call center managers
  • Any businesses with a call center