If you’re an IT manager or leader, you know all about the organizational strain, security issues, and lack of productivity – for everyone across an organization – that comes from having out-of-date laptops and other hardware.

Aging devices don’t guard particularly well against the latest viruses and malware, for example. They also have a hard time running advanced, up-to-date software applications. They’re usually not under warranty and often face compatibility issues. They can also be slow and more prone to failures, requiring more IT support to keep up and running to avoid potential data loss.

Download Tehama's eBook on Eliminating the need for a laptop refresh and replacement cycle to learn how you can solve all of these challenges by saying goodbye to the company laptop, and taking your desktops virtual. 

In this eBook, you'll learn:
  • The typical laptop refresh cycle and why companies replace laptops every 2-5 years.
  • The challenges that come with refreshing laptops 
  • Why each department in your organization hates owning company laptops
  • Why the right DaaS solution can completely eliminate the need for a laptop refresh cycle, while also creating a secure digital office for your business. 
Who should read it:
  • IT and Security managers & leaders
  • Those responsible for protecting sensitive data