The new hybrid workforce is accelerating digital transformation rapidly. More and more organizations are facilitating a partial return to the office, which means there are many employees who will no longer access a well-defined, company-supplied office space. 

Yet, these workers require the very same level of secured privileged access to corporate networks and information systems as their in-office counterparts. These societal and workplace changes are big reasons why enterprises are increasingly transitioning to a cloud-based workforce. 

Download Tehama's eBook on An Enterprise Guide to Your New Office: The Secure Digital Office Platform and discover how to launch a secure and compliant cloud environment that supports remote and hybrid workforces by being easy to set up, easy to scale, and offering incredible performance and computing power!

In this eBook, you'll learn:
  • Why a cloud-based workforce is so compelling
  • Why traditional solutions like VPN, VDI and traditional DaaS are not cutting it
  • How to combine brick-and-mortar security with the convenience of cloud
  • How a secure desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) solution or "Secure Digital Office Platform" can save your organization money, reduce risk and enhance agility. 
Who should read it:
  • IT and Security managers & leaders
  • Those responsible for protecting sensitive data