An Enterprise guide to your new office: The Virtual Office as a Service (OaaS)




What is Virtual Office as a Service (OaaS) – and why should you know? Find out in our Guide.

As more and more organizations shift toward cloud-based global workforces, traditional desktop provisioning options like on-premise VDI, desktop-as-a-service, VPN and shipping laptops have been exposed as costly, slow to implement, and not very secure. 

So what can organizations do to quickly and securely provision remote workers and third-party suppliers across the world?

This Guide investigates the next stage of digital transformation: the deployment by organizations of a global workforce, not confined to a traditional office space, through secure and compliant cloud VDI.

It explores why secure and compliant cloud VDI provides a virtual security posture akin to your company’s brick-and-mortar office, and for enterprises looking to implement VDI, real-world use cases in the areas of supply chain security, global workforce enablement, business continuity and disaster recovery, and more.

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