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Today’s MSPs are facing more cyber threats than ever before. Many of their clients are the enterprises that we are reading about in the news, and these stories are increasing in number and frequency at an alarming rate. For SMEs who don’t have the resources of the large businesses, the damage to their business and reputation can be devastating. 

Enterprise clients place a high degree of trust in their service providers and expect that they are doing everything in their power to prevent these catastrophic cyberattacks. 

If you’re wondering about how to help ward off attacks proactively, then this webinar is for you. It will provide an overview of the current landscape of threats and highlight solutions that can help you ward off many of the cyber threats to MSPs today.

This 60-minute webinar will include:

  • An in-depth examination of the causes of recent MSP cyber attacks -- and how they may have been prevented
  • Best security practices for MSPs and what to look for in the current landscape
  • A look at some of the newest security solutions that are custom-built for MSPs

What you will learn:

  • MSPs are the focused target of hackers funneling ransomware into Enterprises
  • Identity and remote connectivity solutions in place today are the weakest points of entry exposing MSPs to significant liability
  • How a global MSP changes the game to protect their client networks by eliminating this possibility of malware infection

Who should watch:

  • IT and SecOps Directors and Managers
  • Operations and Planning Directors and Managers
  • Security, Risk, and Vendor Management leaders
  • Anybody who believes, or does not believe, that targeted hacking is on the uprise.
Chris Ault
Director of Product Management

Chris is a seasoned product management leader and has spent the past 15 years bringing new virtualization technology to market. Prior to joining Tehama, he worked in software engineering, engineering management, product management, and technical sales at a variety of companies including QNX, Ciena, and Nortel.

Chris holds degrees in Electronics, Computer Science, and Economics, and is an accomplished speaker at industry events as well as a published author of technical and marketing reference content.

Marc St. Louis
Vice President of Technology Services and Security

Marc St. Louis leads Pythian’s internal IT security program and ensures the highest level of compliance across the organization. He brings 15 years of IT security and auditing to Pythian and has held positions at TELUS, Canadian Blood Services and Entrust Datacard where he led technology and audit teams. Marc has also built a reputation in the Services industry through roles at TELUS’ Managed Security operations group and leading the Cloud Security Services team at Entrust Datacard.


Steve Borza
President & CEO

Steve Borza is President and CEO of Bluink. He is the inventor of biometric technologies and their applications to identity and encryption solutions, with over 25 years of leadership and engineering experience.