eBook: Remote work challenges and opportunities for the AEC industry

Few industries have felt the effects of the remote work shift more acutely than the Architecture, Civil Engineering and Construction (AEC) sector, with its complex projects and vast ecosystem of civil engineers, architects, builders, designers and sub-contractors contributing at different stages of a project. 

Download this eBook to discover:

  • Six specific challenges the AEC industry faces when enabling remote work.
  • How desktop virtualization is transforming the AEC industry.
  • What to look for in the right solution to enable your remote workforce with high-performing virtual desktops and a secure digital office.




The remote work shift

The eBook discusses how firms are shifting priorities toward a remote, collaborative environment in which workers can continue to be productive and hit key project milestones.


Remote work challenges

We dive into the various challenges AEC firms face when working remotely, including latency issues, infrastructure costs, agility and more. 

icon-desktop-security and compliance

The right DaaS solution

Overcoming the inherent challenges of traditional DaaS and VDI, Tehama’s Enterprise DaaS Solution combined with Teradici PCoIP Ultra™ technology takes secure
desktop virtualization to the next level.

Who should read it?

  • AEC firm owners
  • IT & Security leaders
  • Those responsible for end-user computing