The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the traditional way of working for Canada’s Public Sector. The Departments and Agencies of the Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments in Canada require significant levels of security for communications, collaboration and remote work. 

With the second wave in full swing and the majority of employees continuing to work from home, what are the current solutions that are enabling remote work, and how are they performing? 

The traditional approach of deploying technology and securing access is no longer practical, and the logistics alone of configuring, shipping and managing hundreds of thousands of devices is daunting. The complexity of adding many more VPN connections is also something to consider. Add to this the thousands of military and civilian contractors and the costs can quickly get out of hand. 

How is the public sector adapting to remote work, and what are the current solutions that are being used for remote work?  Is this technology secure and scalable, and what are the alternatives? 

Join Tehama, Bluink, Cloudshift and Invest Ottawa for a panel discussion on the current and future state of secure remote work in Canada’s public sector. 

In this live panel discussion we will explore: 

  • The current status of remote work in the public sector, and what the future looks like
  • Best practices for authenticating and securing remote work for large organizations within the public sector
  • How employees, contractors, and third-party service providers in the public sector are adapting to remote work
  • How the Cloud and emerging technologies are enabling the highest level of security and compliance for remote work

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Sonya Shorey

Sonya Shorey, Vice President, Strategy, Marketing and Communications, Invest Ottawa and
Bayview Yards

Sonya Shorey is a communications executive and management consultant with more than 20 years of
leadership experience with private and public organizations. With expertise in regional, national and
global technology, entrepreneurial, economic development and innovation-based organizations, she
specializes in corporate and communications strategy development and execution.

Steve Borza

Steve Borza, President & CEO, Bluink Ltd.

Steve Borza has been delivering biometric, public-key based identity and security solutions for over 20 years. As founder and CTO of American Biometrics, he delivered the first biometric Windows login with integration into Entrust PKI.

Today at Bluink, he leads a team developing smartphone-based e-Identity solutions that provide identity proofing, secure digital wallets, and password-free single sign-on, all from the eID-Me app. Bluink is now delivering on its e-Identity everywhere vision to government, financial, health care, legal and IoT security, including car sharing, doors, and secure parcel lockers.

James Short


James Short, Director of Public Sector, Tehama

James Short has been involved with providing advanced cyber security solutions to the Government of Canada for almost 25 years. This includes leading corporate business development efforts at industry leaders including Entrust, CA Technologies, Telus Security Solutions and ThinkRF.

Jason Matte

Jason Matte, Chief Technology Officer, Cloud Shift Inc.

Jason Matte is the Chief Technology Officer of Cloud Shift Inc., a promising, dynamic start-up cloud computing services, technology diffusion and strategic IT investment financing and acquisition firm. He is responsible for leading the corporate development, governance, market positioning, strategic alliances, acquisition and seed investment financing activities of the company.